Professor Michal Grover Friedlander is head of the Musicology Program at Tel Aviv University, Israel. Her book publications include Vocal Apparitions: The Attraction of Cinema to Opera (Princeton, 2005), Operatic Afterlives (Zone, 2011), and Staging Voice (Routledge, forth coming 2021). Grover Friedlander has published several articles and book chapters, among them, “Voice”, in Oxford Handbook of Opera (2014), “Whale Wonder” in Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies (2020) and “Eurydice’s Voice in Contemporary Opera” in The Female Voice in the Twentieth Century: Material, Symbolic, and Aesthetic Dimensions, book series Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century (Routledge, 2021). Michal Grover Friedlander has been a visiting scholar at Princeton University; Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton; School for Criticism and Theory at Cornell University; Institute for Advanced Study at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Institute for Advanced Study and Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre at Waseda University, Tokyo.

Michal Grover Friedlander is also a director and artistic founder and manager of TA OPERA ZUTA specializing in contemporary opera, music theatre and collaborative projects. She has directed in Israel, Italy, Germany and Japan. 



TA OPERA ZUTA is an ensemble of performers and scholars dedicated to integrate research and performance of contemporary opera and music theatre, concentrating on the staging of voices.